President, GNYHA Ventures
Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President, GNYHA

In the course of a career dedicated to the healthcare industry, there are few things that Lee Perlman has not seen. From launching successful companies to adopting new technologies, from the emergency responses of 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy to lobbying political leaders in Albany and Washington, D.C., Lee’s tenure with GNYHA could fill a book.

Driven by his concern for the welfare of others, Lee has used his position to advance those who may not have had a chance otherwise. He is committed to moving the healthcare industry forward and is always at the forefront of change. As comfortable in front of an audience as he is behind a desk, he is a strategist with many opinions, which he is quick to share.

He is energized by mentoring young talent and a master of the art of networking. [Lee's full bio]

Executive Vice President, GNYHA Ventures
President and CEO, Acurity
President and CEO, Nexera

Since joining the Ventures family, Chris has elevated the level and scope of services that we deliver to the hospital community, including founding our consulting division, Nexera. Chris continues to redefine the value we bring to providers as they are faced with new legislation and diminishing resources. His philosophy is to challenge yourself every day by stepping outside your comfort zone, which he does frequently and successfully. [Chris's full bio]

Senior Vice President & Chief Pharmacy Officer, GNYHA Ventures
Executive Vice President, Acurity

You would be hard pressed to find anyone more knowledgeable about the inner workings of the pharmaceutical supply chain than Bill. His contributions to the development and growth of the Ventures companies are immeasurable. He is probably one of the most well-known, well-connected authorities on pharmacy practices in the United States. [Bill's full bio]

Executive Vice President & General Counsel, GNYHA Ventures

Few people on the Ventures team are as prepared for emergencies as Susan. In addition to serving as chief counsel for the Ventures businesses, Susan is the NYC Office of Emergency Management liaison for the Greater New York Hospital Association. She was front and center following the 9/11 terrorist attack, for the blackout that knocked out most of the northeastern United States, and for Hurricane Sandy. [Susan's full bio]

Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, GNYHA Ventures

Lori’s legal expertise has helped our businesses propel themselves into the big league while maintaining their reputations as the most ethical businesses serving the healthcare community. She has been integral to the numerous contractual business relationships that we rely on to keep our companies strong and our members satisfied. [Lori's full bio]

Senior Vice President, New Business Initiatives, GNYHA Ventures

Barbara’s contributions include some of the most top-level Ventures endeavors, such as overseeing new business development. In this role, she works with each of the Ventures companies to help connect the dots between new business initiatives. Barbara’s expansive knowledge of the healthcare industry combined with her sharp attention to detail and her laser focus have helped our customers save on a variety of previously untapped expense categories. [Barbara's full bio]

Vice President, Government Affairs, GNYHA Ventures

As the Ventures Washington, D.C., expert, Aisling has been at the forefront when congressional leaders have looked for expertise on how to implement healthcare reform across the continuum of care. Aisling’s political savvy has paved the way for our engagement with legislators in the nation’s capital. [Aisling's full bio]

Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Administration

If a company’s success can be attributed to its talent, then Margie is our cornerstone. Overseeing Human Resources and Administration, Margie finds the right people for the right jobs—and keeps everyone happy. From questions about benefits to career guidance, Margie is the person to ask. Her secret talent? Space planning and design. Margie recently supervised the office construction that united all of our companies under one roof. [Marjorie's full bio]

Senior Vice President, Communications

Brian Conway, Senior Vice President, Communications, joined the GNYHA family of companies in 1999. Mr. Conway is GNYHA Ventures’ media spokesperson and liaison for reporters seeking information about our organization and hospital and health care issues, and works closely with the principal public relations executives at member hospitals.  [Brian's full bio]