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Premier has proven success helping hospitals and their partners develop strategies that position them to earn financial rewards for high-value care through a specially designed roadmap for managing MACRA.

Analyze - Design - Implement - Improve

ANALYZE your organizationís needs and determine which track is best suited to the clinicians associated with your organization for achieving the most profitable reimbursements. Premier offers different areas of engagement to support individual needs and identify gaps.

  • Executive Education: On-site MACRA training for the full organization, from the executive group to your physician network.
  • Quality Performance Critique: An analysis of your current physician quality performance.
  • Analysis of Strategic Opportunity: A financial analysis of strategic opportunities under the new model.

DESIGN a plan, not only to succeed, but to win. Premier will identify the most appropriate metrics for your organization and assess your organization against these metrics to determine how to succeed using the path you have chosen. This encompasses reporting, physician alignment, care model design, and more.

Provider Performance Tool:

  • Quality Measurement & Reporting

IMPLEMENT an effective structure and support based on your path. Whether itís clinical integration, data analysis, organizational transformation, measurement, or reporting functionality, Premier will provide the support necessary to help you win.

Provider Performance Tools:

  • Performance Management Dashboard
  • Practice Cost Management Platform

IMPROVE and cement new, aligned processes to ensure that you stay on the upside of reimbursement. MACRA is based on how your organization compares with other organizations in the same program. That means you will need a continuous improvement plan. The ability to benchmark your organization against others in real-time gives you the actionable information you need to drive that next level of performance.

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